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Top 3 Most Visited Blogs for Great Software Code Quality

Following are top three most visited blogs this month in relation with software code quality: The rule I followed to become a great developer Refactoring 3000 lines of code Security code review tips for application developers Thanks to my readers for appreciating above blogs. I shall keep it flowing…

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Refactoring 3000 Lines of Code

Have you come across a class file (object-oriented programming languages) which spanned across 3000 lines of code or more? Or, even, a class of 1000 lines or more. I do have seen many such code in my career and trust me, every time I have come across such instances, I have a painful time working with any changes required to be made in the code. Honestly, the changes was made without much assurance that everything would work fine with this change in now and future. Lets ┬átry and understand what’s the problem with long classes (1000 lines code or more)? Low Maintainability:┬áSuch classes score very low in maintainability aspect of …

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