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Code Conversion from C++ to C#: Tips & Techniques


Following are some of tips & techniques for doing code migration of your C++ application to C#: Conversion using Tool: One strategy can be to use some of the existing tools such as that provided by Tangible Software Solutions or sourceforge project on c++ to C# code conversion. Once the code gets migrated, you may want to look out for traps which may lead to error while code migration. Given that C# looks a lot like C++, there are areas (traps) you may want to review to make sure that code conversion took care of those so-called traps. This is not known on how effective these tools do the automated …

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Strategies to Consider for Your Code Migration Project

Are you planning to start your code migration project. Have you been looking forward to accelerate your code migration project while ensuring that the quality is not compromised? Following are some of the strategies that you may want to consider for your code migration project: Development Methodology: As code migration requires greater team collaboration and frequent testable releases, it may be advisable to adopt agile development methodology such as SCRUM. With agile development methodology, the features to be migrated could be put in the backlogs and the migration is done based on this backlog. Agile development method ensures that you have complete visibility at all times on what is done …

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