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Some Source Code for Bonita Rest API Implementation


[adsenseyu2] Following are key source code blocks/classes/APIs to consider for you to get started with Bonita REST API implementation: AccessorUtil: This is the gateway API which is used to get instance of key API implementations. For example, AccessorUtil.getRuntimeAPI() gets you an instance of RuntimeAPI to work with. ProcessDefinitionUUID: The ProcessDefinitionUUID (org.ow2.bonita.facade.uuid.ProcessDefinitionUUID) class is one of the important parameter required to create an instance of process, such as ProcessInstanceUUID. Following code helps instantiate the process: ProcessDefinitionUUID processDefinitionUUID = new ProcessDefinitionUUID(process, version); try { return runtimeAPI.instantiateProcess(processDefinitionUUID, params); } catch (ProcessNotFoundException e) { } catch (VariableNotFoundException e) { } LightTaskInstance: LightTaskInstance (org.ow2.bonita.light.LightTaskInstance)┬ádefines the tasks for the workflow. RuntimeAPI: RuntimeAPI (org.ow2.bonita.facade.RuntimeAPI) is used to …

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Why REST with Bonita When You can Mix ‘N’ Match :-)

To give you quick overview on what is referred to as Bonita here, Bonita is referred to as BonitaSoft BPM Tool. As per BonitaSoft corporate website, Bonita BPM improves business operations by connecting people, processes, and information systems into easily managed applications.┬áThe blog aims to highlight some of the aspects of Bonita BPM REST API and, some of the reasons due to which one would want to go with REST based integration with Bonita BPM. Those of you working with BonitaSoft tool including Bonita Portal for accessing workflow applications on top of BonitaSoft workflow engine & Bonita Studio for creating workflows, may have been exploring to find out ways and …

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