Productivity – Top 3 Javascript IDEs/Text Editors to Consider

This article represents the top 3 Javascript IDE/Text Editors that you may want to explore for your next project for Javascript related development. The way the top 3 editors are chosen is the number of votes (thumbs up) given by different users in one of the Javascript IDE/Text Editor related discussion thread on one of the very popular social bookmarking website, as of today. Interestingly, newer editors such as Brackets and Atom are catching attention of some of the users. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.

Following are different Javascript Text Editors (at times, also called as IDEs) that have been discussed and voted over in one of the JS editor related discussion thread as mentioned above. Please note that below data (IDEs/Text Editors) represents the viewpoint of only a sample of users sharing their views on different JS IDEs/Text editors and, may not be the correct representation of the population at large. However, it does give a general sense. Thus, it may be a good idea for you to try out the top scorers.

  1. Sublime Text Editor
  2. Web Storm
  3. Visual Studio
  4. Atom
  5. Brackets
  6. VIM
  7. Notepad++
  8. Emacs
  9. LiveReload
  10. Chrome dev tools
  11. GNU Screen
  12. PHPStorm
  13. PHPed
  14. NetBeans


Top 3 Javascript IDE/Text Editor

Following is a plot that represents frequency distribution of choices shown by different users and hence, represents popularity of JS editors appropriately.

Frequency Distribution - Javascript Text Editor

Frequency Distribution – Javascript Text Editor

Based on above, one could infer that top 3 editors (in that order) worth a try are following:

  1. Web Storm
  2. VIM
  3. Sublime

Following are some of the observations that I could make:

  • Users moving from Sublime to WebStorm, VIMAbove said, I observed an interesting phenomenon from the discussion thread. Some of the users informed that they have been using Sublime for quite a while, but, they are moving to either of WebStorm or VIM. That said, the clear two winners are Web Storm and VIM. Thus, you may want to definitely explore one of these two in your next or exsting project apart from exploring other IDEs.
  • Users giving a try to Newer Editors such as Atom, Brackets: Interestingly, some of the users are also moving from Sublime to try and use newer editors such as Atom, or Brackets


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