Online AI News from Top Global Universities – List

US universities ai news and events

In this post, you will get an access to a list of web pages representing latest news related to artificial intelligence from top universities across the globe. This page will be updated from time-to-time for including new pages from different universities across the globe. These URLs will be very useful for those machine learning / data science enthusiasts who want to keep tab on current news and events in the field of artificial intelligence.

  1. MIT
  2. Stanford
  3. Stanford university – Human-centered AI (HAI)
  4. Stanford university – Center for AI in medicine and imaging
  5. Stanford AI research and ideas
  6. Harvard university
  7. JHU Malone center for Engg. in healthcare
  8. Yale university
  9. Princeton university – Center for statistics and machine learning
  10. Princeton dialogues on AI & Ethics
  11. University of California, Berkeley – EECS
  12. Cornell university
  13. Columbia university
  14. Duke university AI health
  15. New york university AI @ NYU news
  16. University of Chicago AI news
  17. AI @ Northwestern university
  18. UCLA AI news & events
  19. University of Pennsylvania
  20. Stevens institute of technology
  21. Georgia institute of technology
  22. University of Michigan
  23. Purdue university
  24. Carnegie Mellon University
  25. University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
  26. National university of Singapore AI news
  27. National technological university Singapore
  28. IIT Kharagpur
  29. IIT Delhi
  30. Australian national university (ANU)
  31. University of Sydney
  32. University of Melbourne
  33. University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  34. University of Queensland
  35. Monash university
  36. University of Adelaide
  37. University of Western Australia
  38. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  39. University of Oxford
  40. University of Cambridge
  41. Imperial college London
  42. University college London
  43. University of Edinburgh
  44. University of Manchester
  45. King’s college London
  46. London school of economics
  47. University of Bristol
  48. University of Warwick

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