Linear, Multiple Regression Interview Questions Set 3


This page lists down the practice tests / interview questions for Linear (Univariate / Simple Linear) / Multiple (Multilinear / Multivariate) regression in machine learning. Those wanting to test their machine learning knowledge in relation with linear/multi-linear regression would find the test useful enough. The goal for these practice tests is to help you check your knowledge in numeric regression machine learning models from time-to-time. More importantly, when you are preparing for interviews, these practice tests are intended to be handy enough. Those going for freshers / intern interviews in the area of machine learning would also find these practice tests / interview questions to be very helpful.

This test primarily focus on following two concepts related with linear regression models:

  • Hypothesis testing (Null hypothesis) vis-a-vis P-value
  • T-tests vis-a-vis ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) F-tests
  • R-squared vs adjusted R-Squared

Note some of the following in relation with tests:

  • Linear association between dependent and independent variables is determined using both T-test and ANOVA F-tests
  • Adjusted R-Squared value is used to determine the impact of introducing new independent variable in the regression model. As like R-squared value which increases with addition of new predictor variables, adjusted R-squared value increased only when there is a positive impact or else the value of adjusted R-squared value decreases.

Other tests in this series includes some of the following:

The value of R-squared does not depend upon the data points; Rather it only depends upon the value of parameters

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The value of correlation coefficient and coefficient of determination is used to study the strength of relationship in ________

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Which of the following tests can be used to determine whether a linear association exists between the dependent and independent variables in a simple linear regression model?

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In order to estimate population parameter, the null hypothesis is that the population parameter is ________ to zero?

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Which of the following can be used for learning the value of parameters for regression model for population and not just the samples?

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The value of R-Squared _________ with addition of every new independent variable?

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In order to reject the null hypothesis while estimating population parameter, p-value has to be _______

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The value of ____________ may increase or decrease based on whether a predictor variable enhances the model or not

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The value of Adjusted R-squared _________ if the predictor variable enhances the model less than what is predicted by chance?

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In regression model t-tests, the value of t-test statistics is equal to ___________?

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Linear, Multiple Regression Interview Questions Set 3
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