Learning Coding Tips from Martin Fowler is OK!

This article is first in the series of “Developers Hall of Fame” pages that we have recently started, and talks about some of the works of Martin Fowler, the Software Engineer, from whom I personally learnt a great deal and also recommend others, primarily rookies, from time-to-time. In his about me page, he introduces himself to be “an author, speaker… essentially a loud-mouthed pundit on the topic of software development“.

Note that this page shall be updated at regular intervals with Martin’s work that would benefit developers at large in software design and development.

Before I go ahead and include some of his pages which could be of great benefits to software engineers in doing design and development of enterprise software, lets look at some of the links which you would want to bookmark:

  • http://martinfowler.com/
    This is a personal website of Martin who he updates from time-to-time and you may want to have this website bookmarked in regular-to-visit website.
  • http://refactoring.com/
    If you want to learn tips and techniques on how to do code refactoring, this is a website to dig deep and learn all about the code re-factoring techniques. You may want to check the refactoring catalog which lists down all refactoring techniques.
  • http://www.twitter.com/martinfowler
    Follow Martin on twitter for his regular updates on different aspects of software development. I would say, “worth a follow”!


Table of Contents



Martin talks about some of the following in this video:

  • Common problems with testing and why we should fix it. He speaks on non-determinism and testing. The details of same could be found on his page.
  • Why software design is important and why one should care about it.
  • How agile manifesto has been doing in last 10 years and where its going from here.

Introduction to NoSQL

In this video, Martin talks about history about the history of databases and later talks about how NoSQL databases came into existence. Good video for NoSQL starters.


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