Flutter Web App Commands – Cheatsheet

Flutter Web Commands Cheatsheet

In this post, I will list down some of the key commands (cheatsheet) which can help one build and release web application (app) using Flutter.  

In order for the following commands to work, follow the steps given below:

Flutter Commands for Web

Once flutter is set up and a template project is created, execute the following one-time commands for setting up Flutter web development environment. These commands can be run from anywhere in a terminal.

flutter channel beta
flutter upgrade
flutter config --enable-web

Once the above commands executed, go to the home / root folder of Flutter project and execute the following commands. The details of these commands can be found on this page titled as building web application using flutter.

Run the Flutter Project

flutter run -d chrome

Build the Web Project

flutter build web

Create Release Build

The command given below will populate build/web directory with built files, including an assets directory, which need to be served together. One should note that the minification is handled when one creates a release build.

flutter run --release
# The following command can also be used
flutter build web

The release build will create the following files / assets in build/web project folder. Take these files and put it in web root folder for any web server including Tomcat, Python, Firebase or cloud hosting (AWS, Google, Azure). More details can be found on this page related to deploying flutter app on web

      <other font files>
    <image files>

Add Web Support to an Existing Project

flutter create .

Embed Flutter App in Web Page

Use the following command to embed flutter app in any webpage. URL is the link for flutter web page.

<iframe src="URL"></iframe>
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