DevOps Maturity Model – Telstra DevOps Implementation

In this post, you will get a quick glimpse of how Telstra successfully rolled out DevOps across the entire organization (170 teams). The details have been taken from this post. You could use the details given below to lay out the maturity model for DevOps implementation in your organization.

The following is the DevOps Maturity Model which Telstra team looks to have worked upon:

Sample DevOps Maturity Model

Here are the key aspects of the DevOps practice (implementation) vis-a-vis maturity model:

  • Ad-hoc implementations
    • Teams across the organization doing ad-hoc implementations
    • Different tools & framework used across different teams
    • Different processes followed
    • Teams do not seem to have a proper understanding of what is DevOps, benefits of DevOps etc.
  • Proof-of-concept implementations
    • DevOps implementation planned
    • Tools & processes chosen
    • 3-4 teams chosen
    • Teams mentored
    • Implementation is done and lessons learned
  • Org-wide Adoption
    • Mentoring sessions across the organization
    • DevOps rolled out for all the teams
    • DevOps implementations governed & reported
  • Sustained & Repeatable DevOps
    • Sustained DevOps implementation across different teams
    • DevOps Governance
    • Tracking & reporting
  • Optimized DevOps
    • Lessons learned using continuous feedback is incorporated back to improve the DevOps implementations
    • The appropriate mix of tools & frameworks used for optimized outcomes
    • Development processes updated to optimize DevOps outcomes

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In this post, you learned about a sample DevOps maturity model which looks to have been implemented at Telstra. The DevOps implementation faces several challenges such as doing POC, training & mentoring, convincing executive management, making sustained & repeatable DevOps. Most importantly, there must be put a governance framework to monitor/track ongoing DevOps implementation across the organization to achieve sustainability and repeatability.

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