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Follow Single Responsibility Principle & You are Home!

ajitesh shukla

Here is an interview with Ajitesh Shukla who has been very passionate about coding all these years and have helped many software developers to write better code by getting them understand few basic coding principles. Read on to find out about his experience and expertise around coding. Tell us something about yourself, in brief My name is Ajitesh Kumar and I have got an experience of around 14 years working in different technologies such as Java, PHP etc. I am currently working on projects related with software quality governance, BonitaSoft, enterprise architecture, ATG etc. Tell us about your coding experience, in brief.  I have been coding in different languages including …

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New Initiative – Geeks’ Brain’s Picks


We are starting on a new initiative to share the pick of software geeks’ brains. The objective is to share information about beliefs, experience & expertise of software geeks out there who have been doing some real cool stuff. We are reaching out to many of these geeks and getting ready to start publishing information about them very soon. What is there for everyone’s out there? If you are a fresher/newbie who want to learn the software coding best practices from the horses’ mouth or, a tech lead/project manager who want to make sure their team follows a consistent coding best practices, you may want to pay attention to one …

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