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How to Start a Technology Center of Excellence

Before going into the topic, it is very important to understand about what can be called as “(Technology) Center of Excellence” and why do an organization need one? Why an organization need a center of excellence for any technology? Multiple reasons. Following are the key ones: Planning to start a new technology initiative enterprise-wide or in multiple LOB based on enterprise business needs. For example, Center of Excellence for BPM, SOA, EA, Big Data etc. For instance, a large company want to adopt BPM practice. This is where COE is needed. As a software service provider, one might want to start a new team who does R&D on the technology, …

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How to Write a Winner Design Document for Agile User Stories

When the development is based on agile methodology such as SCRUM and especially, distributed SCRUM, at some point, the need for design document becomes key to success of sprint delivery with as lesser technical debt as possible. In that regard, there has been questions around whether to have something such as design document at all. Many of those practicing agile as a developer just hate the idea of writing design documents and relate it with waterfall development model. They give the argument that a) in agile development, design have to change as we develop and b)┬áthus, the design document may go obsolete in no time. To a great extent, I …

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Different Kind of Architects

Are you one of them who get confused about what are different kind of architects? If yes, keep reading! Following are different kind of architects: Solution Architect: They are the people who architect business solutions to solve a set of business problems. They need to have in-depth knowledge about business in general. They also need to be very much aware of functioning of different strategic business units (SBU) in order to architect integrated solutions that may cut across different SBUs to solve the particular problem. They deal with business processes while working on the solution and a descriptive business process diagram is one of their key deliverables. They may be …

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