Configure Bitbucket Webhook to Trigger Jenkins Builds on AWS EC2

This article represents steps required to configure BitBucket Webhook to trigger Jenkins Builds on AWS EC2 based on code committed in the repository. This essentially means that a code commit in the BitBucket code repository would trigger a build in Jenkins server running on AWS EC2 machine. This forms the starting point of continuous delivery pipeline. The jenkins build, when triggered as a result of code push, could perform tasks such as some of the following:
  • Run the build,
  • Run tests
  • Publish build artifacts in artifactory
  • Deploying the build artifacts in different environments including QA, UAT and production.
Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.
Following are the steps which need to be taken to configure push-based trigger of Jenkins Build:

  • Configure Inbound Rule on Jenkins Server on AWS EC2: One needs to add the inbound rule on Jenkins box on AWS EC2 for following IP: This is required to allow requests coming from BitBucket to reach to Jenkins server on AWS EC2. This is BitBucket cloud IP outbound address (for hooks like POST) when inbound IP address for BitBucket is The IP ( can be figued out by pinging The outbound IP address can be found from this page:
  • Configure Webhook in BitBucket: One needs to add following URL while creating WebHook in BitBucket: http://jenkins_server_uri/bitbucket-hook/.
  • Configure SCM in Jenkins Project: Next step is to configure Git as Source code management tool within Jenkins Project by clicking on Configure link on project’s dashboard. Following is a sample of input parameter:
    • Repository_URL: https://<bitbucket_user><bitbucket_user>/<bitbucket_project_name>.git
    • Credentials: Create a credential by providing bitbucket username and password
  • Setup Build Triggers in Jenkins Project: Finally, one would require to setup build triggers for the Jenkins project by clicking on Configure link on project’s dashboard. Check the option “Build when a change is pushed to BitBucket”
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Ajitesh Kumar

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