Atom IDE – My Favorite Top 10 Keyboard Shrotcuts

This article represents a list of my favourite keyboard short-cuts for Atom IDE. Please feel free to comment/suggest if you thought that one or more short-cuts could be included. Also, sorry for the typos.
Following is the list of my favourite top 10 keyboard short-cuts which I use very frequently when writing the code using ATOM IDE.

  • Ctrl + Space: Show available auto-completions. For example, type “ul” and press CTRL + Space bar, and it would print <ul></ul>
  • Ctrl + /: Comment a selection.
  • Find operations
    • Ctrl + p: Toggle file finder. Opens up a dialog box with a textfield which can be used to find/search a file.
    • Ctrl + Shift + F: Find the search word in project
    • Ctrl + r: Find and go to a function.
  • Line operations
    • Ctrl + g: Go to line
    • Ctrl + Enter: Insert a new line and place a cursor at the beginning of the line.
    • Ctrl + shift + d: Duplicate the line
    • Ctrl + l: Select line. This is very helpful when you can select multiple lines using Ctrl + l and then do Ctrl + / to comment it all.
  • File Operations
    • Ctrl + n: Open a new file
    • Ctrl + w: Close the file


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