Angular – Whether use Http or HttpClient Service

This blog represents tips and concepts on the whether to use Http or HttpClient service in your Angular app.

  • Prior to Angular 4.3 versions, Angular Http service got used to invoke the server APIs to get the data. That meant inclusion of HttpModule for using Http Service.
  • In Angular 4.3, HttpClient service (as part of HttpClientModule) got shipped in @angular/common as a smaller, easier, and more powerful way to make web requests in Angular. This got great acceptance in Angular developers community.
  • From Angular 5.0.0 onwards, Angular has decided to deprecate Http service and recommends using HttpClient service for all applications.

In order to start using HttpClient service, the following needs to be done:

  • Replace HttpModule with HttpClientModule from @angular/common/http in each of the modules
  • Inject HttpClient service instead of Http service
  • Remove any map(res => res.json()) calls. They are no longer needed.

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