20+ Usecases in Quantum Computing


Here is a list of 20+ Quantum Computing Use Cases in some of the following fields:

  • Machine Learning and Computer Science
  • Financial Modeling
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Security and mission planning

Machine Learning and Computer Science

  • Detecting statistical anomalies
  • Finding compressed models
  • Recognizing images and patterns
  • Training neural networks
  • Verifying and validating software
  • Classifying unstructured data
  • Diagnosing circuit faults

Financial Modeling

  • Detecting market instabilities
  • Developing trading strategies
  • Optimizing trading trajectories
  • Optimizing asset pricing and hedging
  • Optimizing portfolios

Healthcare and Medicine

  • Detecting fraud
  • Generating targeted cancer drug therapies
  • Optimizing radiotherapy treatments
  • Creating protein models

Security and Mission Planning

  • Detecting computer viruses & network
  • Scheduling resources and optimal
  • Determining set membership
  • Analyzing graph properties
  • Factoring integers

The related details can be found from D-Wave Whitepaper on Quantum Computing

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