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R&D Framework for Achieving Customer Delight

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[adsenseyu2] If you are associated with a software service provider and have come across the customer comments such as following, you may want to read ahead and share your thoughts as comments: The team is creating great software based on what we are asking them to do; However, they are not adding value in terms of suggesting new technologies (tools & frameworks) to optimize one or more existing business processes or suggesting better way of doing the business functions.  The above is more common with software service providers who have been working on staff augmentation model and want to step up to become a strategic business partner of their customers …

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Ongoing Research & Development in NIT Surathkal

NIT Surathkal, one of the premier engineering colleges of India has following two departments where research & development related to computer science is going on. Computer Science & Engineering: The departments supports research in different areas such as application security etc. One of the interesting ongoing project is development of tool for detection of SQL injection vulnerabilities in the web applications. Information Technology: The department of information technology is currently supporting research, primarily, in  the area of data mining, distributed computing and web services. The other areas of research includes big data, semantics web, security etc.

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