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Climate Analysis & Top Questions for Leadership

climate change analysis and top questions

As a business leader, it is important to understand the impact of climate change on business and society at large and the importance of performing climate analysis. Climate analysis can provide useful insights on how your business can be more sustainable and efficient in their operations while building a resilient business. This blog will mention some of the key questions that leadership should consider when evaluating their current climate change related strategies. What is climate change impact analysis? Climate change analysis can be defined as an assessment of the existing environment in which a business operates and how it impacts the sustainability of the organization. It looks at everything from …

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Top Data Sources for Climate Change Research

climate change data sources

In this post, you will get to learn about top data sources online from where you can learn and get data for doing research on climate change. Vitalflux is committing itself to AI and climate change research for next 15 years. You will get to learn about climate change and how data science / machine learning can be leveraged to tackle climate change in time to come.   Without further ado, lets list down the data sources related to climate change research: United Kingdom’s Met Office Hadley Centre: Researchers at the Met Office Hadley Centre produce and maintain a range of gridded datasets of meteorological variables for use in climate monitoring and climate …

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