Google PACO for Tracking Trends on Personal Stuff

The article talks about features & benefits of Google PACO mobile app that one could use for tracking analytics data in relation with personal stuff. Thanks for reading it further.

Ever wanted to check on how are you doing in relation with some of the following habits on the personal front:

  1. Software Developer: How much time are you devoting on some of the following:
    • Learning new technologies by reading one or more webpages/books
    • Trying out/evaluating new tools & frameworks (this could be tracked on weekly basis rather than daily basis)
  2. Physical Training (PT): How much time are you spending daily on doing one or more PT exercises such as running? In addition to this, how do you feel as you increase the exercises?
  3. Calories Intake: How much calories one take on daily basis? Take a look at the sample picture below in this relation.
  4. Social Networking: How many hours you spend on checking social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc.?
  5. Driving: How much fuel are you consuming every month vis-a-vis distance that you are travelling?
  6. Smoking: If you are a smoker, how many cigarettes have you been smoking every day for last 6 months?
  7. Fairness: Many of us (specially, ladies) come across one or more experiments suggested by experts in relation with fairness of our skin. What if there was a tool which could be used to track the progress by applying those experiments?

All of the above could be captured using Google PACO app on your android mobile phone  (as of today). The iPhone mobile app is expected soon.

What is Google PACO?

As defined on the website, Google PACO is a tool (mobile app) for building your own Personal Science experiments.  You could download the android version of this app from Google Play Store and start tracking one or more habits, experiments on regular basis.  Following is a sample experiment in relation with Alberto’s LowCarbTracker experiment.

Alberto LowCarbTracker Experiment

fig: Alberto LowCarbTracker Experiment


What are some of the key benefits?

Following are some of the key benefits:

  1. Help track the personal habits in form of trending over a period of time.
  2. Help take appropriate action proactively based on trending data.


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