Data Jango

Data Jango is an AI, ML and Data Science training center. The training involves necessary skills such as Mathematics, Descriptive/Inferential Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Language Processing, Image Processing and more. Our Data Science and Machine Learning course prepares the student for successfully analyzing data, inferring and generating results. We also offer Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing courses. We aim to become industry leaders in architect, build and support AI based products and solutions.

Our Courses

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      • Introduction to Data Science/Data Analytics
      • Overview of Tools
      • Descriptive Statistics
      • Data Distributions
      • Overview of Data Visualization
      • Inferential Statistics
      • Introduction to Python
      • Introduction to NumPy
      • Introduction to Pandas
      • Exploratory Data Analysis
      • Regression (Supervised Learning)
      • Regression Analysis ( Intro to ML – statsmodels)
      • Code Modularization
      • Multiple/Polynomial regression (scikit-learn)
      • Re-sampling techniques
      • Model Evaluation and Error Analysis
      • Model Deployment
      • Classification (Supervised Learning)
      • Clustering (Unsupervised Learning)
      • Support Vector Machine
      • Dimensionality Reduction (Unsupervised Learning)
      • Tree Based Algorithms
      • Ensemble models
      • Naive Bayes
      • Anomaly Detection
      • Introduction to Recommendation
      • Introduction to Neural Networks
      • Introduction Hadoop
      • Introduction to Spark ML
  • Coming Soon!
  • Coming Soon!

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