Google Glass Timeline: What is it?

Google glass timeline is one of the most important concepts to know if one wants to get started with Google glass project. Lets see the picture below to understand how does it look like?

Google Glass Timeline

Google Glass Timeline

Before we go into details of what is timeline, lets try and understand the dictionary meaning of timeline? Following are some of the meanings posted by some of the well known dictionary websites:

On a google glass device, information/message retrieval or submission can be considered as some kind of “event”. A set of information/messages or events can be displayed in form of a card. These cards can be displayed one after another based on the way they are “scheduled” to appear. Thus, these cards (events) which are “scheduled” to appear in a particular sequence is defined to be timeline.

Timeline can thus be defined as a piece of information that appears in form of one or more cards or items.

How does user navigate through the timeline (sequence of cards)?

Users navigate through timeline by swiping backwards and forwards on glass, displaying cards in past or future.

What does the timeline card contains?

As mentioned above, timeline cards consists of information that is pushed by the glasswares using Google Mirror API using REST protocol over Http.

What are various forms of interaction possible with the timeline on a Google Glass device?

  • Swipe backwards to see the cards in the past
  • Swipe forward to see cards in the future
  • Single Tap to have additional menu options available on the card; Some of these menu options can be delete, share etc. This is like “right-click” on mouse in usual on windows scenario to see additional options.
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