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Angular – Reactive or Template-driven Forms?

This article represents quick introduction to two different kind of forms which can be created in Angular 2 or Angular 4. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos. Following are the key points discussed later in this article: Template-driven forms Reactive forms Template-driven forms Template-driven forms are the most trivial type of form that can be quickly created in Angular 2. Following are key aspects of creating template-driven form. These forms are asynchronous in nature. These forms require inclusion/import of FormsModule in the root module, AppModule which is placed in the root folder of the app. Following …

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AngularJS – Adding/Removing Table Rows Dynamically (Updated)


This article is updated to include concepts and related take-away code related to adding/removing the table rows on different Angular versions including Angular 2.* and later version (Angular 4.*, Angular 5.*) and, also, AngularJS 1.* releases. Add/Delete Table Row (Angular 2.*, Angular 4.*, Angular 5.*) The code given below demonstrate the following: Display a table consisting of one or more rows with each row representing teachers’ detail Add a teacher using a Model Window Delete a teacher This is how the screenshot of the table looks like: The code is designed as following: Teacher Class: There is a teacher class (teacher.ts) which representing teachers’ detail. The code given below represents the same: …

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