Google Email or MS Exchange Server for Corporate Accounts

Before we discuss on the difference between Google Apps and MS Exchange Server for corporate email accounts, it goes without saying that Google apps (email) can be used with MS outlook as email client. This is provided by Google for people who are not comfortable with the GMail client. These people can use the same features using MS Outlook.


If you want to understand criteria based on which you could decide whether to use Google Email or MS Exchange Server for various purposes including corporate email accounts, following are some of the key differences:

  1. Email Search: “Search email” feature in Google is any day better than MS Exchange email accounts. And, when the email account grows really big, this feature is just so handy. I personally have found searching email being a very painful activity with MS exchange email boxes.
  2. Calendar: I personally would recommend MS Exchange Server for Calendar feature. Calender with MS mail boxes are quite intuitive in nature than google calendar. This may also be attributed to the fact that we have been used to MS exchange calender and, thus, getting adapted to Google calendar seems tougher. I would rather love to hear comments from those who has experienced it otherwise.
  3. Google Email on Cloud: The very fact that Google Email is on Cloud makes it very attractive from the perspective that you could get access to cool upcoming email related features from Google if you are a big fan of Google.
  4. Integration with tools such as Docs, Spreadsheet etc on Cloud: Google email integration with tools such as word document, spreadsheet, powerpoints on cloud, makes it to have string value proposition than MS exchange email box.

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