Top 10 Simpler Interview Questions, Architects Find Difficult to Answer

This article represents my list of top 10 interview questions which I see people, appearing for technical architect position, find difficult to answer. Although these questions seem to be simpler and subjective, I found candidates finding it difficult to answer. Do check the list below and see if you cracked all of them. Please feel free to comment/suggest if you would want me to include other questions. Sorry for the typos.


Top 10 Interview Questions, Technical Architects Find Difficult to Answer
  • Architecture & Design: Questions below are intended to test the candidates understanding on architectural frameworks and their abilities/capabilities to lay down system architecture/design.
    • What are 3-4 most common architectural viewpoints/diagrams you would want to draw to set the context of system architecture to the developers/testers?
    • Give some examples of architecture and design diagrams? What are some of the key differences?
    • Given a set of requirements, how would you go about laying down the system architecture covering different perspectives such as functionality, technologies, data etc.?
    • How would you go about exposing web functionalities onto mobile devices taking into account the technologies, architectural/design, code, data changes?
  • Code Quality: Questions below are intended to test candidates abilities/capabilities to help team deliver great quality code.
    • What are top 5 most common Code Smells that you came across while reviewing the code?
    • What are top 5 code refactoring techniques that you suggest developers to keep handy?
    • What are top 3-4 programming principles such as DRY you suggest developers to remain aware of?
    • What are top 4-5 code quality metrics you want to measure on ongoing basis to keep a tab on code quality?
  • Unit Testing: Questions below are intended to check candidates knowledge on unit testing.
    • Given a legacy codebase, what could be some of the challenges you could face and, strategies you would adopt to have developers start writing unit tests?
    • What is unit test naming strategy that you suggest to the developers?
Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh Kumar

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Ajitesh Kumar

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